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 The juxtaposed class handouts were created to accompany the Quack!® DVDs so students can study outside of class.





Lesson 1 unit handout

       Lesson 1.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 1.2 flash cards to print

Lesson 2 unit handout

       Lesson 2.1 flash cards to print

      Lesson 2.2 flash cards to print

Lesson 3 unit handout

       Lesson 3.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 3.2 flash cards to print

Lesson 4 unit handout

       Lesson 4.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 4.2 flash cards to print

Lesson 5 unit handout

       Lesson 5.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 5.2 flash cards to print


Handouts were created by Mrs. Dixon for student enrichment purposes to be used with the Quack!® vocabulary program/DVDs. 

Lesson 6 unit handout

       Lesson 6.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 6.2 flash cards to print

Lesson 7 unit handout

       Lesson 7.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 7.2 flash cards to print

Lesson 8 unit handout

       Lesson 8.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 8.2 flash cards to print

Lesson 9 unit handout

       Lesson 9.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 9.2 flash cards to print

Lesson 10 unit handout

       Lesson 10.1 flash cards to print

       Lesson 10.2 flash cards to print


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Teacher's Corner: Quack! Info for Educators

 Fellow Educators,

I discovered the Quack!® SAT Vocabulary Success Series, or Quack!® as my students call it, over three years ago and since then I have been a huge fan.  Students' vocabulary and writing test scores have improved by Quacking their way to a better vocabulary.  Students learn over 200+ SAT words through the innovative Quack!® program. Words and their definitions are brought to life through movie clips and sound bites produced by Quack! Media® & Teacher's Discovery® DVDs. Most learners retain information by visual and auditory senses.  Quack!® triggers both learning styles to capture students' interest.

I am not employed by Quack! Media® or Teacher's Discovery® and I do not receive any compensation for promoting their product, yet I find myself singing their praises at inservices and workshops every chance I get.  When educators find something that works, they should pass it on.  Quack!® SAT Vocabulary Success is a wonderful vocabulary program that really works! Students love it and vocabulary scores have increased.  Quack!® is the official vocabulary program used by English II/Grade 10 teachers at WSHS.  Want to learn more?  Download our class newsletter that outlines what Quack!® is all about. 

Visit the Quack Media®/Teacher's Discovery® website for purchasing information

or call @ (1-800-583-6454).

Download the handouts above to use with your students.  Handouts may be reproduced for student use only,  and may not be altered in any way. 

Mrs. Dixon [The Dixonary] received written permission from the producer of Quack!® to create/use these handouts in conjunction with their DVDs.  Others cannot do similar projects without written permission from Quack!®.

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